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Studying for the PMP exam?  There are several good websites that provide sample questions for studying.  If you Google enough, you can find 1000’s of questions for free.  Once you’ve practiced them all, though, how do you know if you are ready for the exam?

Before you go through all of the free questions you can find; before you start paying for sample tests; go to and search for PMP.

Wow.  Thanks people on the internet.  Here are vocabulary lists, questions, and study aids.  They won’t be as professionally done, or as accurate to the real exam, as many of the sample questions you can find; but these are great for practicing your memorization skills.  My son uses the web site to study for school.

As an adult learner, I find that my brain isn’t as good at memorizing and learning as it was when I was in school.  I need more time to study, and more practice to get it right.  I need as many tools as I can find.  I just thought of using , hopefully, it will help.  Leave a comment if you have other tools for studying, because as always, it’s a global world, and technology makes it happen.

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