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ERP: A Solution Looking For a Problem?

One of the biggest mistakes on many ERP projects is not taking the time to build a common understanding of how business is conducted today and potential improvement opportunities (before design and set-up of the system). This is not a luxury, but a necessity when anything more than incremental improvement is expected. Often times the thought […]

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Break Free From ERP Contract Chains: Negotiating Flexibility for the Agile Business

If the last few years have taught us anything about business, it’s that the successful companies adapt to tempestuous market shifts. And, there have been plenty of recent events that have given companies opportunities to distinguish themselves in this regard: the Great Recession, a choppy recovery, Japanese supply shortages, rising Chinese labor costs and, now, […]

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Change Their Password Upon First Login/Admin Reset

Got a question today about password resets: “I am trying to figure something out. How do we validate that Oracle forces the user to change their password upon first login/admin reset? I thought it was something in the profile options. Thank you for the help.” My response… Inherent in the system. Can’t be turned off. […]

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