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Reliability of Application Controls in ERP Systems Should be Questioned by Auditors

Reliability of Application Controls in ERP Systems Should be Questioned by AuditorsBy Jeffrey T. Hare, CPA CIA CISA The guidance related to relying on Automated (or Application) Controls was originally published by Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in July 2007. The IIA Global Technology Audit Guide number 8 (GTAG 8) takes into account the guidance […]

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ERP Benefits: Do Not Count on Employee Staff Reductions

Prior to launching an ERP implementation, usually an analysis of project costs and savings is necessary in order to secure project funding. From a financial return on investment (ROI) standpoint, sr. management is typically looking for the hard numbers. While there are many potential benefits associated with ERP that can positively impact the financials, many […]

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The Business Analyst – A Missing Link to ERP Success

The term business analysis is frequently misunderstood, but can spell the difference between ERP project success and failure. It is often the missing link between what users think they need in the new system versus what the business truly requires. Without credible knowledge workers (business analysts), the risk is that system requirements are shaped solely […]

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“Hidden” ERP Implementation Costs – Exposed

Many within the ERP industry like to focus on the somewhat comical number of ERP project failures. I suppose I am guilty of this as well. But, at least I will admit that many so-called “failures”, were nothing more than a failure to manage expectations. From the perspective of sr. management, often the biggest unpleasant […]

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How to Get “Grass Roots” Support for Your ERP Project

Most industry experts agree that successful ERP projects require a good plan for managing organizational change. An important part of this strategy is an executive steering team that is committed to pushing the project forward. However, ERP history has shown that driving the change from the top down alone may not be enough. Successful ERP […]

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ERP Education: Losing Our Religion

Most ERP software packages are designed around industry accepted business practices, operating philosophies and techniques that have evolved over many years. Today, the issue is not whether there is a body of knowledge with supporting software tools, the question is… are companies educated enough to understand the proper use of the tools? First, many organizations […]

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Video: Prepping for ERP Implementation

In many ways, ERP project success hinges on your organization’s readiness for its ERP implementation project. In this video, leading trade publication SupplyChainBrain interviewed our own Jonathan Gross on critical organizational readiness and change management components of ERP implementation. Jonathan provides actionable advice on project staffing, cross-training, and project management. If your organization is about […]

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